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PRODUCT REVIEW: FitGirl- Strength For Her

Important note: Before beginning any new supplements, vitamins or exercise program, consult your doctor.

Living in the Florida, we want to look good, but most importantly feel good. And if you know me, I'm at the beach as much as I possibly can ☀️🌊 👙 (#loveFL) But let's be can be tough to keep fit all year round. Sadly our physical, mental and emotional health many times get put on the back burner. But there is good news! You CAN be healthy, fit and sexy at any age. It just takes commitment. Supplements can give that extra edge to burn fat and gain lean muscle faster.

WHAT IS FITGIRL? Bringing the highest quality ingredients formulated specifically for women. No gimmicks, No fluff, Real results. More than supplements. They are a lifestyle! Get more strength. Gain self-respect. Build confidence.


***Results may vary.**

I received my FitGirl starter kit/products for review in the mail and started the program end of October. So far, I have lost almost 9lbs with just normal (healthy vegetarian) diet and exercise. Pictures posted below. I'm excited to finish the kit and continue making fitness progress. Although results will vary by person...If I can do it, you can too. It was a nice reward to feel great & see the results of my hard-work. 💯💪👊🌟


PRODUCT RATINGS: (1 lowest - 5 highest) FitGirl Night Light (30 capsules) ★★★★★ *Took one capsule 1 hour before bed & it worked like a charm to relax and assist receiving a much needed full night sleep without next day drowsiness. FitGirl Sculpt (30 capsules) ★★★★ *Took one capsule as directed. Be sure to eat before you take it. It provides natural energy, but if taken on empty stomach, you may feel a bit jittery. FitGirl Sexy Abs ★★★★ *Although we were skeptical about a topical supplement, we were pleasantly surprised. No you won't get a 6 pack, but we could really feel the tightening, firming and saw definition in our abs. Keep in mind it's temporary, so you must continue using it along with your healthy diet and regular exercise. PS. The lavender scent was heavenly! FitGirl FIT-WHEY ★★★★ * Simple to make. Reduced appetite and cravings. Enjoyed the Vanilla, but also available in Chocolate flavor. Be sure to shake well in cold liquid to avoid powdery after taste. For more information on FitGirl or to purchase their revolutionary products, visit their official website: Connect with them on Facebook Important note: Before beginning any new supplements, vitamins or exercise program, consult your doctor. AS SEEN ON: If you have a trending product, service or treatment you would like us to review, we'd love to hear about it. Email us ATTN: Product/Service Review

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