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My magical 1st time ever seeing The Nutcracker Ballet 🎁

Christmas is my favorite holiday (after Thanksgiving, praise baby Jesus for my daily blessings. Amen). If you follow me on Facebook/ Twitter /Instagram, you KNOW I've been listening to (and singing with jazz hands to) Christmas music for a couple weeks already. Yes, my Christmas tree is up, I'm baking holiday goodies/sweet treats for family/friends and my house is already decorated and organic holiday scented candles are lit. #dontjudgeme (ha-ha). So clearly you see why it's truly the most wonderful time of year for me and how it just makes sense that I've always wanted to the see "The Nutcracker" since I was a little girl.

The Wicked Broadway musical is also on my bucket list. Where are Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel? Then next me in Paris at Eiffel Tower, Love lock bridge, tour of Europe, Italy, Greece, Africa, Australia, etc. (my bucket list is long ha-ha)

Some background....doing what I love and loving what I do as a news anchor and in broadcasting for over 18 years, I've provided hours and hours of coverage for numerous events, interviewed celebrities, politicians, local & community leaders, emceed/hosted thousands of charity events, balls and galas and provided hours of coverage for entertainment/feature performances/shows, interviewed directors, stage managers, etc. You get it. But I've never been able to get all dolled up, be present in the moment to actually enjoy the music, wonder and joy of this true holiday classic (and for many others for that matter with my crazy TV anchor schedule). Being on television for almost 2 decades, I respect the passion, love, dedication and commitment to your craft and performance for any artist. Still in media working toward my dream of having my own television show, I was excited beyond belief knowing what magic was in store.

In my early years (little did I know) as I prepared to cheer, dance and perform as an NFL Cheerleader in front of over 75,000 fans (Jaguars ROAR. Making the 36 member squad when 632 tried out) I took ballet when I was a little girl and I loved it (ask my mom and dad. I think it was the sequins, hair bun and tutu). So imagine my absolute delight going backstage at opening night for "The Nutcracker" Ballet Palm Beach at the Kravis Center (one of my favorite venues for performances, staff, etc.), seeing sophisticated and delicate costumes up close, meeting the talented (and incredibly funny and kind) performers/cast, speaking with the stage director and having an exclusive quick chat with the amazing Artistic Director Colleen Smith moments before the enchanting show. Although the news anchor hat will always be on, I was no longer behind or in front of the camera this time. I was there to enjoy an unforgettable & magical night supporting the arts. As I write's all still so surreal after being whisked to a fantasy land. I never want to lose that child-like, God-given ability to be excited for the little and big things in life. With that said...words cannot express how much that I loved every single moment and took nothing for granted. My heart will forever smile when I remember how special and blessed I was to experience this holiday season performance. Bravo! Ballet Palm Beach and to everyone for an extraordinary show. It was an incredible night to remember for me where dreams really did come true. #grateful 📸 🎄 🎁


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📸 🎄 🎁 Enjoy these never-seen-before photos behind-the-scenes look

& sneak peek with Ballet Palm Beach performers/set for on opening night!

Thank you Ballet Palm Beach & Kravis Center 📸 🎄 🎁


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