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We've got you covered with the headlines of the day, trending stories and top movers and shakers in Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Trendsetters

We're thrilled to announce this month's influential Palm Beach Trendsetters! They are a dynamic group of trailblazing professionals. In addition to being the top movers and shakers in their field, they inspire others by making a positive impact in our community. 

If you'd like to nominate an extraordinary individual email ATTN: PB Trendsetter.  Include nominee's name, profession, one headshot, 250 words or less why they should be a featured star along with their related website(, social links, etc. Tag @whatstrending on social media using hashtag #PBtrendsetter

Trending News Palm Beach

If you'd like to submit a top trending local story about an individual , business, organization, cause or event for consideration, email a press release along with 2 photos & links to ATTN: Trending News at least 3 weeks in advance for review.


Please Note: No (.doc, .txt, .pdf, etc.) attachments please. Only text formatted press releases and web stories within email included with photos and links will be accepted. Thank you. 

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