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Geri Emmett

Geri Emmett is A principal owner of Duffy’s Sports Grill, Florida’s largest independently owned restaurant chain, where she is involved in all brand initiatives. Duffy’s is a premier sports-themed restaurant that serves over six million meals yearly, at over 35 locations and is activity expanding geographically to bring its unparalleled dining experiences to more Floridians.

Ms. Emmett is also the Founder and chairwoman of the Duffy’s Foundation, a South Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving local communities through charitable contribution. Founded in 2015 in memory of her late husband, Paul Emmett, the Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations and individuals who positively impact their local communities.

The Duffy’s Foundation directly supports non-profits, including the local branches of the Special Olympics and Girl Scouts of America. The Foundation sponsors special causes and hosts numerous events aimed at increasing awareness and support of important local initiatives including but not limited to Special Olympics Florida, The Arc of Palm Beach County ,The Palm Beach School for Autism and the School Lunch Fairies (who are helping to bring local and national attention to lunch shaming). The Pillars of the Duffy’s foundation will always be for the betterment of people in need, especially the needs of children.

In service of her community and in outreach, Geri is an advisory board member of Brigham and Women’s Boston Hospital and Medical Center. She is also part of the Visiting Committee on GI cancers at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Geri is currently active with the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida as not only a pillar support, but, a badge sponsor, instructor and a corporate cookie purchaser! Geri credits much of her leadership training and service ambitions to her early personal experience as a Girl Scout who rose to the level of Cadet.

Working as Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at Trish McEvoy, an international prestige retailer of cosmetic and beauty products, Geri developed and contributed to the comprehensive marketing strategies and was also involved with Hero product development and supply chain initiatives that were responsible for the company’s growth from a single New York City retail location to over 300 locations world-wide.

Ms. Emmet is a former NASD Registered Series 7 Representative, and a former research analyst at Jesup and Lamont.

Married for 30 years, widowed since 2015, Geri’s late husband Paul Emmett is the brand founder of the Duffy’s Sports Grill that we have all come to know and love in Florida. A resident of Palm Beach, FL for over 19 years, she is the loving mother of Alex Emmett, and step-mother of Jason and Heather Emmett. Both sons are actively involved in the business their father founded.

Learn more and get involved with the Duffy's Foundation:

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