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Best And Worst Alcoholic Drinks For Your Waistline (by calories)

Have fun and maintain that “beach body” all year round.

If you’re hoping to drink smarter (or at least less calorically), you’ve come to the right place. We set out to find how many calories are found in wine, beer and popular spirits, and we’ve broken it down for you below.

1 Rum: 96 calories in 1.5 ounces (Bacardi Superior)

2 Beer, Light: 96 calories for 12 ounces (Miller Lite)

3 Gin: 97 calories for 1.5 ounces (Hendrick’s Gin)

4 Champagne: 100 calories for 3.4 ounces (Moet Champagne)

5 Wine, Rosé: 100 calories for 5 ounces (Echo Falls)

6 Vodka: 101 calories for 1.5 ounces (Absolute Vodka)

7 Whiskey: 104 calories for 1.5 ounces (Jack Daniels)

8 Tequila: 104 calories for 1.5 ounces (Jose Cuervo Gold)

9 Hard Apple Cider: 150 calories for 12 ounces (Angry Orchard Crisp Apple)

10 Wine, White: 160 calories for 5 ounces (German Auslese Riesling)

11 Wine, Red: 160 calories for 5 ounces (Cabernet Sauvignon from France)

12 Beer, Lager: 170 calories for 12 ounces (Sam Adams Boston Lager)

13 Beer, Pale Ale (HIGHEST CALORIES): 175 calories for 12 ounces (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale)

Cheers to a healthier Happy Hour!🍻

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