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Hurricane Dorian's path has shifted from Florida to Georgia & Carolinas

NBC NEWS 🌀 | New path and intensity forecast for Dorian: No major changes as storm most likely to parallel the Florida Coast and then get too close for comfort in GA/SC/NC/VA. Dorian is still a threat to Florida. Bahamas bracing for dangerously high impact.

11:00PM NHC UPDATE: Hurricane Dorian remains a massive category 4 storm and Florida is expected to be spared a direct hit. There is still a danger that significant storm surge remains regardless of whether Dorian makes landfall in Florida or not. At 5 p.m., the storm was about 355 miles east of West Palm Beach and may near Florida with the potential of hazardous weather late Monday through Tuesday. Forecasters now predict it it may make landfall on the Carolinas late next week. Although the "cone of uncertainty" over Florida, Georgia, Carolinas and Virginia has changed frequently over the last 5 days Dorian continues to push northwest along the east coast of Florida. The National Hurricane Center says the storm's course has shifted east but remains dangerous and unpredictable. As of Saturday August 31st winds have reached up to 150 mph moving west at a speed 8mph.

Town of Palm Beach is no longer within the Cone of Uncertainty for Hurricane Dorian.

A tropical storm watch now in effect for coastal Florida. Expect stormy weather over the next 48 hours. Possible flooding and storm surges.

Tropical Storm Watch by NWS Miami now in effect for Coastal and Metro Palm Beach County. Hurricane Watch continues for the offshore Atlantic waters stretching from Palm Beach County northward.

Hurricane warnings have been issued for the Bahamas and is expected to bring life-threatening storm surge and devastating winds.

Governor Ron DeSantis warned Floridians to heed local evacuation calls as Hurricane Dorian could be a "Category 4-plus" storm that lingers over the state. At today's Tallahassee press briefing, he asked state residents to be mindful of the storm. Even if it stays offshore, DeSantis said, there is still a strong possibility of coastal flooding, aggravated by saturated ground areas and expected king tides. That could mean more effective resupply of resources, such as restocking gasoline stations.

“We do have more certainty than we did 48 hours ago,” he said of Saturday morning forecast changes that exited Miami-Dade County, the Florida Keys, and southwest Florida from the cone. “That makes us able to do more with the resources that we have."

"There’s a lot of spots around the state that are going to affected by this even if it does stay off the coast of Florida", DeSantis said.

South Carolina governor Henry McMaster has joined Florida and North Carolina in declaring a state of emergency.

🌀 Check back for the latest information. Next Dorian update from NHC expected today at 11:00PM.



Although South Floridians are "relieved" at the latest path, officials continue to urge residents to take the threat seriously, and have a plan in place since the entire East Coast is still vulnerable to significant impacts. Dorian is expected to remain a powerful hurricane during the next several days.


  • Remain vigilant and stay alert

  • Check on your neighbors and the elderly and have a plan to keep pets safe

  • Listen to state and local authorities

  • Evacuate safely in and when instructed

  • Stay tuned to your local news, TV and radio stations for the latest information

  • Prepare to have at least 7 days of food, water and medicine ready


Belongings are replaceable but your life is not. Please stay safe, prepared and alert.

Prayers for all those in the path of Hurricane Dorian including our island friends in the Bahamas.🌀🖤

TRACK HURRICANE DORIAN: National Hurricane Center, CNN, NOAA

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