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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Set to Debut in Miami at Ice Palace Studios

This April 15th, Beyond Van Gogh: An Immersive Experienceis coming to one of Miami’s top art venues, the Ice Palace. The exhibition, created by French-Canadian Creative Director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Montreal’s world-renowned Normal Studio, features more than 300 of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic artworks and takes the art lover into a three-dimensional world that exhilarates the senses.

After tremendous successes in Europe, cinematic Van Gogh exhibitions have crossed the ocean to great North American acclaim in recent years. In a rich and unique multimedia experience using cutting-edge projection technology developed by some of the world’s greatest AV designers, Beyond Van Gogh takes on the challenge of breathing new life into Van Gogh’s vast body of work. Using the artist’s own dreams, thoughts, and words to drive the experience as a narrative, guests move along projection-swathed walls wrapped in light and color that swirls, dances, and refocuses into flowers, cafes, and landscapes.

Wander through a 360 degree, three-dimensional world of more than 300 of the Dutch artist’s works.

While journeying through Beyond Van Gogh, guests witness over 300 masterpieces, including instantly-recognizable classics such as “The Starry Night”, “Sunflowers”, and “Café Terrace at Night”, now freed from their frames. Van Gogh’s art comes to life by appearing and disappearing, flowing across multiple surfaces, and heightening the senses with their immense detail. Through his own words set to a symphonic score, guests come to a new appreciation of this tortured artist’s stunning work. It’s no surprise that millions of people all over the world credit Van Gogh with enhancing their relationship with art. Beyond Van Gogh will only deepen it further.

About Beyond Exhibitions

Beyond Exhibitions is a company comprised of like-minded individuals who have worked across the globe with some of the greatest entertainers and brands known to man. With Beyond Van Gogh, the team brings their collective understanding of audiences, entertainment, and art together to proudly present Vincent Van Gogh as he has never been seen before.

The exhibit will enforce COVID-19 safety rules, including timed ticket sales to cut down on congestion and separate entrance and exits. Masks are required inside the exhibit, and there will be hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue.

Tickets Onsale Now – Grand Opening Thursday, April 15th

Ice Palace Studios Miami (1400 N Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33136)

Exhibit Details


HOURS OF OPERATION Wednesday - Thursday: 10am - 10pm Friday - Saturday: 10am - 11pm Sunday: 10am - 10pm Duration: The visit will take around one hour.

LOCATION Beyond Van Gogh will take place in the prestigious Ice Palace Studios, located directly West of South Beach, South of Wynwood and North of Downtown Miami. Ice Palace Studios: 1400 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136

HEALTH AND SAFETY Beyond Van Gogh is a walk-through exhibition that allows for 6ft distance between all attendees, and includes increased cleaning practices. Safety of the attendees is our top priority as we continue to follow the advice of public health agencies and government officials.


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