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RESET your ritual with world's first water-based CBD drops

Function. Balance. Restore. Repeat.

Get ready to RESET your morning, noon and night rituals. Introducing RESET Ritual, the world's first uniquely water-based, THC-free* cannabinoid (components of the hemp plant like CBD) ingestible drops proven to work faster, and designed, so you can absorb the active ingredients you need and feel the difference. Plus unlike some oils and tinctures, these next-generation drops from RESET Bioscience always taste great and have a pleasant mouthfeel.

Tested and approved by our editorial team and brand ambassadors, RESET Ritual tops our list of must-have products to buy in 2021!

Want to try RESET Ritual? It may be your lucky day!




Upgrade your Ritual. Feel Good. Every day.

The RESET Ritual system puts you in control. With three varieties -- Function CBG, Balance CBD and Restore CBN -- now you can easily customize your wellness ritual with new benefits ranging from supporting better digestion and athletic recovery to enhanced moods and more restful sleep. Powered by the wellness leaders at RESET Bioscience, you can trust the quality, efficacy, and consistency of each RESET Ritual product. They are produced in compliance with the pharmaceutical industry's best-practice standards.

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It's the world’s first water-based CBG, CBD, and CBN isolate drops for faster, better absorption for 4X more than you would get from a CBD oil.

You can take less to feel more from RESET’s signature plant based, non-GMO, THC-free* formulas designed for better delivery.

Potential benefits include:

  • Digestion Support

  • Mood Support

  • Athletic Recovery

  • & more, even during your most stressful times

PLUS they’re scientifically proven to be effective, even in coffee & cocktails— no other CBD oil can do that.

All Ingredients are:

  • THC-Free*, Hemp Derived Cannabinoids double-tested for pesticides, microbials, contaminants, mycotoxins, and more.

  • Premium-Grade

  • Plant Based

  • Non-GMO

  • Soy, Dairy, & Gluten Free

  • Double-Tested by Santé Laboratories in Austin, Texas — Read about their lab HERE

  • No Sugar & No Artificial Sweeteners

  • Zero Calorie

  • Zero Cholesterol

Want to try RESET Ritual? It may be your lucky day!




Finally, a CBD you can feel comfortable giving (or gifting) to your loved ones and/or patients

Dr. Brian Sloat is the Chief Science Officer of Santé Laboratories, the CRO that created RESET Bioscience’s delivery technology. Santé was just awarded Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solution Providers by Enterprise Tech Review.

“Without federal oversight on CBD brands, the ingredients in the products you’re taking may not be fully disclosed. We support RESET Bioscience as they’re a responsible, stand-out brand that discloses all its ingredients on the label showing their continued commitment to pure, plant-based finished products for consumers.”

“By using Santé technology, RESET products are not an oil but rather water-miscible meaning they mix with liquids. Other products sometimes called “nano” or “water-soluble”, use chemicals called surfactants in their processes. Surfactants are an ingredient found in soap or laundry detergent, which could be potentially harmful when ingested.”

A revolution in CBD: RESET Bioscience sets the bar for pure cannabinoid products.

It's easy to RESET your entire Ritual

Order individually to focus on parts of your ritual that need a little extra love, or RESET your entire Ritual by ordering a convenient pack with all three must-have varieties. Enjoy these great-tasting drops by themselves or add them to water, coffee or (cheers!) even your favorite cocktail!

Customize your experience with:

  • Function CBG Drops: Start your day with this bright citrus flavor, perfect for morning smoothies, coffee or protein shakes. Studies show that CBG may support digestion and help with athletic recovery. US MSRP: $69.99.

  • Balance CBD Drops: Available in a fresh mint flavor or unflavored, add these drops to your water bottle for all-day wellness. Studies show that CBD may help with athletic recovery, and support better moods as well as bone health. US MSRP: $64.99.

  • Restore CBN Drops: With a soothing Blueberry Dream flavor, Restore is a perfect addition to your nighttime tea or choice of nightcap. Then get ready to enjoy better sleep and relaxation. Our bodies repair themselves while we sleep. Why not get more out of your ZZZs? Studies show CBN can support a healthy immune response, better moods, and skin health. US MSRP: $74.99.

  • Ritual Pack: This convenient pack includes full-sizes of Function CBG, Balance CBD, and Restore CBN for morning, noon and night wellness. US MSRP $189.99.

Balance in all parts of life is critical to happiness, and your business is no different. Give your customers the added benefits of Balance CBD to enhance their experience at your fantastic business! Enjoy happier clients plus RESET marketing support.

Own a gym, coffee shop, fitness studio, hair salon, spa, bar? Introducing the new, convenient 500 mL bottle perfect so you can serve up Balance CBD every place you need. Available now HERE or Email ATTN: RESET Wholesale-PB40 to get info on exclusive wholesale pricing & B2B opportunities.

Fast, Superior Absorption: Harness the power of water-based wellness.

Stack them for that entourage effect! Be sure to boost the synergy across the RESET Ritual product line for enhanced benefits and wellness by adding new Foundation Broad Spectrum CBD Drops to your routine. On its own, it supports a better mood state. Available in Natural Essence enhanced with monk fruit, Foundation pairs well with your favorite tea. What's not to love about all that? US MSRP $89.99

DISCLAIMER: Always consult with your doctor before using any new health and wellness products or if you plan on making any lifestyle, nutrition, medicinal or diet changes.



A busy lifestyle is hard. Balance makes it easier.

No more guessing about freshness, effectiveness, safety and quality

Getting cannabinoids' wellness benefits without the guesswork just got easier. RESET is all about your health and safety. Here are three more ways Ritual is improving your experience:

  1. Freshness. CBD oils and tinctures generally only have a three- to six-month shelf life with limited or no scientific study to prove it, but it's hard to assess how fresh most products are because they don't have freshness dating on their labels. And once an oil is opened and exposed to air, all bets are off. It can oxidize rapidly, separate, discolor and become rancid. RESET Ritual has a validated shelf life of 12 months, several times longer than most CBD products. For added confidence in its freshness, there's a 'use by' date on every label.

  2. Effectiveness and safety. Low-dose RESET Ritual is also more effective, so you can take less to feel more. Each bottle includes a demarcated dropper to accurately measure a 10 mg serving (30 servings per 15 mL bottle). Of course, because it is water-based and not an oil, RESET Ritual's cannabinoids are less likely to concentrate in the liver where high CBD amounts are known to cause toxicity.

  3. Uncompromising quality. All RESET Ritual ingredients are premium-grade, plant-based, non-GMO, and free of soy, dairy and gluten. They are zero calorie, zero cholesterol and contain no sugars or artificial sweeteners. And they are tested twice according to industry leader Sante Laboratories' sophisticated standards to confirm their CBD concentration and to verify that they don't contain unsafe levels of impurities including pesticides, heavy metals, microbials and solvents.

Water-based wellness. Designed with your busy day in mind.

“If you’re taking CBD oils you may only be absorbing ~20% of the cannabinoid content because oil isn’t easily absorbed by your body. Mixing oil and water is a great example of what poor solubility is - they don’t mix. RESET products are powered by Santé’s drug delivery platform utilizing a water-based finished product. According to our bioavailability studies, this allows you to absorb up to 80% of the cannabinoid content. With better solubility and better bioavailability, you don’t have to take as much product when taking RESET. This is great news for consumers due to the potential harm CBD can have on your liver if you consume too much. We know this from clinical trials performed for the FDA approval of Epidiolex.”

“Taking a lot of CBD in oil may harm your liver, that’s why Santé Laboratories has developed a drug delivery platform that allows the consumer to ingest less product but feel more. The delivery system that powers RESET Bioscience products allows you to absorb up to 80% of the cannabinoids, versus oils that allow you to absorb ~20%” says Dr. Brian Sloat.

It’s a revolution in self-care

RESET Ritual was developed with your health and wellness as the top priority. To add this system's benefits to your daily routine, visit

Double-Tested by Santé Laboratories in Austin, Texas — see lab results here

RESET Bioscience recently received ‘The John MacKay Award for Best Scientific Advancements in the CBD Industry’ at CBD Expo South.

Dr. MacKay is respected as a key opinion leader globally for spearheading advancements in life science, drug development, and plant-based research.

"Thank you, Dr. MacKay for recognizing our commitment to science-backed cannabinoid products. Thank you, Santé Laboratories, for powering RESET products with your proprietary delivery platform and helping us in our commitment to improving people’s lives with wellness products backed by science. Here’s to elevating the hemp industry to be more transparent, safer, and compliant!"


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children. Our hemp-derived cannabinoid products are THC-Free*.

*Tested less than 0.001% THC

SOURCE: RESET Bioscience


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