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Michael Jordan’s state-of-the-art Florida golf course “The Grove XXIII”opens in Hobe Sound

Jordan’s course is named The Grove XXIII, with the Roman numeral 23 a nod, obviously, to Jordan’s number (for most of his time) with the Chicago Bulls. The club, located in Hobe Sound, Florida, officially opened in the fall of 2019, but it had been in the works for quite some time. Reports first surfaced in 2015 that Jordan was interested in building his own exclusive retreat, and it was around that time he secured the South Florida land where his current club sits. Jordan is the principal owner.

It's said that the basketball GOAT had grown tired of the regulations, rules and culture of Medalist Golf Club in Jupiter. Instead of playing the long game to change some things about the club that he didn't like, Jordan decided he would build his own ultra-exclusive club. He bought land, hired Bobby Weed to design a course, and then he invited some members. Billionaire bliss!

Jordan's Grove XXIII apparently isn't the typical, luxurious private club. Quite the opposite. His Airness has brought some unique amenities and technology to his club, including replacing the traditional beverage cart with drone delivery service. Yes, drones!

The club reportedly has fewer than 100 members and is by invite-only. NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, former NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip and Rickie Fowler played there earlier this year.

The Grove XXIII, according to Rickie Fowler, already has a nickname, too.

“Slaughterhouse 23,”. It’s Jordan’s course. So it’s a course for Jordan.

“The shorter you hit it, the wider it is,” Fowler said. “So the tees and pins are done every day, so the golf course can play as long as you want, but they set the back tees at roughly 7,000 or 7,100 yards, and MJ just plays the back tees.

The course, designed by Bobby Weed Golf Design, has a double-helix routing, meaning it can be played in four nine-hole combinations or three- to six-hole loops.

FUN FACT: Phil Mickelson recently revealed he was in the process of joining Jordan’s club. “Fortunately I know a number of members there,” Mickelson said. “My wife and I just bought a lot fairly close to there, it’s only about 10-15 minutes away, so it will be a great place to play and practice.

The futuristic clubhouse was designed by NBWW architectural firm, and its 15,000 square feet consist of men’s and women’s locker rooms, lounging areas, a pro shop and dining room. “We wanted the precision and flow of the golf swing as well as Michael’s athleticism and corporate finesse to inspire the contemporary form and detailing of the clubhouse architecture,” said NBWW’s Don Wolfe on the company’s website.

There are some other unique facets to Grove XXIII, including golf carts without a governor, meaning they can go up to 35 mph because that's really the max speed a cart can reach instead of the limits almost every golf club place on how fast you can go in a cart. Caddies ride on golf scooters so they can quickly jump ahead of golfers when needed and not slow up members who ride in carts while they walk.

Grove XXIII is ultra-exclusive, but seems to have a laid-back approach to living in the lap of luxury in South Florida paradise.


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