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Sustainable is Sexy with Eco-luxe MABi Swimwear

MABI Swimwear is taking another standpoint on this date to promote revigorated awareness within the fashion industry about leading the way sustainably by minimizing the use of plastic in its swimwear. As awareness of the negative impact of plastic pollution on the environment increases every day, MABI understands how important it is to take action to reduce plastic waste. Plastic has been marketed as a green alternative due to its recyclability, but this is different. WHY? In recent years, the push towards sustainability and eco-friendliness has led many companies to switch to recyclable plastic as a solution. However, this way may not be as green an option as initially, and In contrast, it has a significant environmental impact. The energy and resources required to recycle plastic often exceed those used to manufacture non-recyclable plastic. Additionally, creating recycled plastic usually requires chemical treatment that produces hazardous by-products that negatively impact the environment further.

Eco-Luxury Swimwear Collection, made with sustainable sources that have been ethically acquired

MABI Swimwear recognizes the importance of reducing plastic waste and is taking a step forward in addressing this challenge. They are committed to minimizing their plastic use by incorporating alternative materials and implementing eco-friendly practices in their production process. They believe incorporating sustainable practices will reduce their environmental impact and encourage other brands to follow. By incorporating alternative materials such as recycled polyamide, organic cotton, organic linen, and organic hemp fabrics, MABi Swimwear is forging the swimwear industry towards a natural, sustainable fashion.

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"We have decided to be a part of the solution by minimizing plastic use in our designs and promoting eco-friendly practices. We believe this is a small but significant step towards a healthier planet," said Maristela Soares, founder & designer of MABI Swimwear.

Mabi is teamed up with GREEN INITIATIVE: an organization that seeks environmental advancement in biodiversity, water, and air quality. Mabi Swimwear also actively protects the AMAZON RAINFOREST and understands the importance of this ecosystem and its critical role in maintaining global climate stability and supporting biodiversity. ALTERNATIVE MATERIALS AND IMPLEMENTING ECO-FRIENDLY PRACTICES Mabi`s labels contain seeds that, if planted, can give birth to a new life; their bags are made of jute, a biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable vegetable fiber.

Other practices:

  • Fabrics – Polyamide Mabi swimwear is made using an enhanced biodegradable yarn, Amni Soul Eco®, which enables garments to decompose when they are discarded and left in landfills quickly. It will be eliminated from the planet in about five years.

  • Amni Soul Eco® is an eco-friendly polyamide yarn. With the same benefits of a conventional polyamide - like soft touch, extreme comfort, moisture absorption, and easy care Amni Soul Eco® is biodegradable, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring a better world for future generations.

  • Natural Dye - Made by PlantThe Eco-Life Awakening Collection has included patterns and colors created via natural dying and mineral salts. Flowers, roots, and seeds are the main components of the prints, while plants, spices, and some vegetables provide the pigment. These dying and stamping processes are 100% authentically made in Brazil with local Brazilian materials and elements.

  • Crafted Crochês: Craft is something made by an individual, made from the heart with skill and passion, which reflects their originality.

Part of the profits are destined to support the protectors of our planet, the indigenous communities of the Amazon, which MABI makes tangible through its partnership with the Waninawa community. The mission is to do their part to empower guardians of the Amazon so that they can become the makers of their sustenance. We are all connected; what happens in nature will directly impact our lives. Preserving our forests means preserving life,” added the founder of MABi Swimwear. MABI Swimwear is proud to be part of the growing movement towards eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. They hope other fashion industry members will join them in their efforts to create a healthier planet for future generations. For more information on MABi Swimwear and its eco-friendly practices, visit their website at FOLLOW MABI SWIMWEAR: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | MABI SUSTAINABILITY PAGE

SUSTAINABLE IS SEXY | Embody an adventurous spirit and a touch of exotic allure. Dive into summer with Mabi.


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