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Feel good and flash a healthy, glowing smile with the best toothbrush you can buy

Introducing “A Better Toothbrush for Better Health” | Mouth Watchers by Dr. Ronald Plotka

Embedded with naturally antimicrobial silver to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up within 6 hours after brushing, you can keep those germs away while showing off your healthy smile! Feel good and flash a glowing smile with help from Dr. Plotka's revolutionary Antimicrobial Toothbrush with Flossing Bristles™ that are ultra-thin at the tip to properly reach and brush away food and plaque in normally missed areas. Dr. Plotka's Mouth Watchers toothbrush will help you step up your dental hygiene game!

This a great reminder for you and your family to put your teeth first. While you start to make small changes in your hygiene routine to keep your smile healthy, make it easy on yourself by using the BEST. BRUSH. EVER. Dr. Ronald Plotka’s toothbrush Mouth Watchers! It has soft, long lasting bristles and antimicrobial technology! This toothbrush is an oral care game changer that you’ll want to try for yourself and buy for your family & guests.

OUR REVIEW: Thank you to Mouth Watchers for sending us this great product to test and review! It is our top pick because of its unique, soft bristles that leave your whole mouth clean and fresh. Mouth Watchers help bring out our brightest, whitest smile ever.

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Explore the features of this oral hygiene must-have:

  • NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL* BRISTLES For Better Health - Infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that grows on the bristles within 6 hours!

  • FLOSSING BRISTLES™ - Dual-layered bristle structure provides superior cleaning: the inner bristles, thin as a human hair, gently brush away food and plaque in places other brushes miss while the outer thicker bristles ensure complete cleaning of gum and teeth.

  • SOFT LONG LASTING POLYESTER BRISTLES - Get up to one extra month worth of use thanks to the polyester better bending properties than nylon, used in most brushes on the market! (The ADA recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months. The Doctor Plotka’s brush will last about 4!)

  • Dentist Developed - Dr. Ronald Plotka designed this innovative toothbrush as part of his thriving 40+ year Boston-based dental practice.

"This is not just a toothbrush. It's an amazing tool. I never enjoyed brushing my teeth so much!" - Maryanne

"By far the BEST toothbrush I ever used. My mouth and teeth feel cleaner with this brush." -Carol

"I was a dental hygienist for 29 years. This is the best manual toothbrush I've tried." - Maxine

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