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Jewelry designer creates girls empowerment conference

Building self-esteem and empowering young girls is the mission for a local jewelry designer who held her 3rd Annual Freepreneurs: "Leading Young Ladies Into Their Destiny" conference in West Palm Beach.

Nakishia Freeman the Founder and is also a proud wife, mother and entrepreneur.

"I started The Freeman Jewelry Collection by visiting an art show with my husband. I was inspired to make my own jewelry. Designing and crafting jewelry is one of my greatest passions, one that exhilarates and excites me with each piece. We undeniably love Swarovski crystals, glass beads, wire, unique beads, gemstones, sterling silver & silver filled and gold filled pieces. All of the creations are inspired from everyday life, nature, love and happiness. I specialize in customized womens, mens, children's jewelry along with bridal and inspirational-style jewelry."

Her jewelry recently worn by celebrities. View more HERE

With the continued success of her Palm Beach based jewelry collection and booming social media support, she's following her God-given mission and vision to help others. She prides herself on being more than just a jewelry designer. Her heart beats to make a difference. She says this is just the beginning of her journey ordained by God.

"Through my jewelry, I wanted to giveback to young students that are our future."

Her FUN, innovative and educational Freepreneurs program helps young girls ages 6-17 learn about self love, empowerment, creating jewelry and about becoming a business owner. Every year the event gets bigger and better with the tememdous support of the Parents investing in their young ladies.

"It's important we provide young ladies with good role models, mentors and show them that we care. As a result of that sisterhood, education, inspiration, consistency and impact, they will help someone someone else. It does takes a village. But together we can change the lives of these young ladies in a positive way. How incredible the world would be if everyone becomes part of the chain reaction of reaching out to our young people and investing in their/our future."

Freeman says her faith is her strength and she hopes others join in the season of giving. She believes God has blessed her with her gift, and she is determined to pay it forward.

"If you have a dream or vision go for it don't let anyone or anything stop you never give up on your passions and go for it no matter what."

View Saturday's ENTIRE PHOTO ALBUM Photography by PRB

To purchase The Freeman Jewelry Collection's exquisite, custom-made jewelry HERE.

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🎁 They always welcome and gratefully accept sponsorships and donations throughout the year. To volunteer, sponsor, or make a donation, please call 561-704-2628, Contact Mrs. Freeman directly HERE or email 🎁

Special thanks to the following sponsors/partners who made today's Freepreneurs event a great success:


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